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Union Square

Located in the center of the city, where trade history bustling of the city with 4 front facing the street (Le Loi, Dong Khoi, Le Thanh Ton, Nguyen Hue), UNION SQUARE commercial center is not only a shopper's paradise, culinary and entertainment leading luxury but also the architectural highlights of the city, in the style of contemporary French architectural elegance.

This is a building complex multi-class catering needs and catch up with international trends. Large area is luxurious trade center convergence numerous fashion brands, consumer electronics and famous domestic and international, with nearly 200 stores in 6 floors and comfort. Visitors unleash selection and procurement of all goods from the fashion industry, cosmetics, electronics, furniture, decorations, housewares, to equipment and solutions to healthcare - Beauty and pepper using ... UNION SQUARE brings trendy shopping experience and a bridge connecting the world consumer movement.

Besides, the culinary world at UNION SQUARE also create huge boost. From the coffee space style, the elegant restaurant serves a variety of local specialties and international flavors, to the bakery, ice cream, milk tea or beverage dispensing inspirational , opening culinary journey rich and refreshing. UNION SQUARE culinary destination is convenient and preferred for all ages, at all times.

Under the new plan of the city, located in the central core UNION SQUARE commercial pedestrian street, tourism combined with river, crowded meeting place for visiting tourists. With the advantage of its prime location, UNION SQUARE constantly upgrade and develop the model of commercial centers international level, this is one of the tourist attractions - sightseeing - typical shopping city.

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