Tropic Garden Residence


Location Tropic Garden Project
Coordinates at 49 road 66 wide 20m, connect to Nguyen Van Huong Street and Quoc Huong street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Project details:
- Land area: 2.5 ha
- Total floor area: 155,120 m2
- The total floor area for apartments: 123 305 m2
- Trade and service area: 3,000 m2 (ground)
- The area of the pool and pool area: 570 m2
- Building density: 28%
- Coefficient of land use: 6.5%
- The total floor area of building: 195,433.9 m2

Architectural design.
Tropic Garden has designed with bold architectural of Western and harmony with the architecture of the villa famous in Thao Dien.
Bring life closer to nature than with dispose light and winds pick up, accompanied by tropical gardens.

The phase of the project:
Phase 1:
- Started on 15/10/2010 and is expected to hand over C1 Tower in the second quarter 2014 and C2 Tower in second quarter 2015.
- C1 and C2 Tower: 27-storeys,194 apartments.
- Ground floor, mezzanine, first floor parking layout, commercial, coffee, outdoor jogging track.
- Floor 2 with an area of about 10,000m2 is part of the pool area, massage pool, gym, sports, BBQ, food ... etc,

Typical apartment.
Phase 1: Third to 26th floors are normal apartments, 27th floor os two penthouse, detailed as:
- 2 bedroom apartment: 76sqm; 81sqm; 88sqm.
- 3 Bedroom Apartment: 112sqm; 134sqm.
- Especially 5th and 24th floors that apartments will have additional garden area.

Phase 2:
- A1 and A2 Tower is expected to start in the second quarter / 2014.
Phase 3:
- Updating information Tower B

The standards provide project Tropic Garden.
- Design 1 tower (8 apartments / floor) with 4 elevators (1 elevator for goods and 3 elevator for guests), speed 2,5 m / sec.
- Use smart card system going to each apartment.
- Audio Phone communications equipment in the front lobby and security 24/7.
- Provide Gas central system go to each apartment.
- There are areas of wastewater treatment systems and generators 24/24.
- Parking on the ground floor, mezzanine and first floor.

Price from 2,3 to 3,4 billions/unit. With average unit price: 28 million/sqm (including VAT).

For more information please contact us: +84938877698

Information about the articles and the terms of property that is able to change without notice.

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