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Lucky Dragon Residence

Location: 41A Do Xuan Hop Street, Phuoc Long B, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

The level of urbanization in District 9
- The ward was completely urbanized: Hiep Phu, Binh Phuoc, Tang Nhon Phu A, Phuoc Long B, Phuoc Long A.
- The wards are on the momentum to growing and the population density is low: Long Phuoc Truong Thanh, Long Truong, Long Binh, Thanh My, Phu Huu, Tang Nhon Phu B.
- District 9 Population density: 2.311 persons / km2.
- Phuoc Long B Ward: 11.083 persons / km2- among the few wards in District 9 has the highest population density

I. Project Details
1. Scale of project:
• Total area: 9.023,83m2 (was planning on leaving the road limit).
• Building density whole area: 41.5%.
• The town house includes: 4 lots: A, B, C, D with a total of 38 apartments.
• The apartment zone consist: 1 tower with 12-stories and 120 unit.

II. Town houses
- Price

Lowest price: 3,8 billion
The highest price: 9,4 billion

Lowest price: 3,3 billion
The highest price: 5 billion


1. Typical floor plan from 3rd to 12th floor, including:
- 12 units / floors.
- The area from: 50.13m2 (apartment 2, 5); 65.82m2 (apartment 1, 6, 7,1 2); 71.76m2 (apartment 9); 73.45m2 (apartment 8, 11); 88,07m2 (apartment  3, 4, 10)

2. Price
- Currently price starting from 970 million VND (including VAT).
- Reference price for each type of apartment is as follows:
- 50,13m2 - 970 million VND (VAT)
- 65,82m2 - 1,249 billion (including of VAT)
- 71,76m2 - 1,422 billion (including of VAT)
- 73,45m2 - 1,380 billion (including of VAT)
- 88,07m2 - 1,820 billion (including of VAT)

For more information please contact us: +84938877698

Information about the articles and the terms of property that is able to change without notice.

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